Picking a pair of golf shoes

September 12, 2010

You spend a lot of time in your golf shoes. If you don’t find the right golf footwear, then the average round of 18 holes is going to be hell for your feet, even if you practice with an eye xo launch monitor.

The golf shoe’s sole is the key to a consistent golf shot. If you’re in shoes that will keep you from wearing your shoes out too much, then your shots are going to be more accurate.

And the way that a golfer can keep his or her feet cool is with a good pair of golf shoes that have a very comfortable sole.

What makes a good golf shoe? The right leather, the right fit, the right support. And that is all made up of materials that you have control over. The shoes we will be reviewing today will be going over several different aspects of shoes for golfers. But first lets look at leather. Leather is the materials that create the sole of the golf shoes. It can be a natural leather, but more often than not, the most popular choice for a golf shoe is suede. What makes a great golf shoe? There are so many factors in making a great pair of golf shoes. Whether it is the material used, whether it is the care taken to give it a beautiful finish, or whether it is the shape of the shoe that makes a difference, but the most important factor is the sole. A good sole creates the durability of the shoe, the comfort of the shoe, the feel of the shoe. It does all of this without having to break the bank. A great fit and great care should be taken to ensure that the sole will always be perfect. After all, you are paying for the quality of the sole as well as the rest of the shoes, right?

Of course, if you are looking for that last resort, one you may have to resort to, then it is definitely something you want to take into account when trying to find that perfect, quality pair of golf shoes.

Our Selection

Since we are golfers ourselves, we have taken a look at the most popular soles and brought them together into one place for you to peruse in order to find a pair of soles that are right for you. All soles are made of top quality materials and offer a high level of comfort as well as strength. Our selection of soles allows golfers to find the sole they are looking for, whether they are looking for soles with a modern look, some more classic looks or the most extreme designs to enhance their game. If you are looking for something different, we would be happy to assist you in finding the ideal soles for your personal preferences. Whether you are looking for an affordable sole that will let you feel the excitement of your favorite golf course, or you want something that will enhance your game, our collection of golf shoes are sure to have something for everyone.

Golf Shoe Styles

If you are looking for more than just a pair of soles, then you will definitely find something that will enhance your game.